Rheumatology Practice & Mycobacterial Diseases: Awareness, Screening, Treatment & Sequelae

Dr Juzar Ali provides an update on identification, screening, and management of TB and non-tuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM) in non-HIV immune compromised patients seen specially in Rheumatology practices. In this recorded webinar, Dr Ali will cover the following:

  • Understanding of the identification screening and management of mycobacterial disease on non-HIV but immune compromised patients in rheumatological practices.
  • Practical issues and conundrums clinicians face in their practice when dealing with patients in pulmonary or infection diseases, rheumatology and so forth.
  • Factors that contribute to an indeterminate versus borderline test results in IGRA tests (ELISA vs. ELISPOT) and why the borderline test category is important
  • Evaluation of LTBI after active TB has been ruled out for patients on anti-TNF therapy

Dr Juzar Ali, MD, FRCP(C), FCCP

Dr. Ali is a Professor of Medicine at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans and Director of the LSU-Wetmore Mycobacterial program. He is also attached to the regional office of Public Health through the Wetmore TB clinic. He is an academic clinician with special clinical and research interests in mycobacterial diseases and bronchiectasis within the section of Pulmonary Critical care at LSUHSC New Orleans.

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